Moving Back to The Politics Guys

Some experiments are great successes while others are learning experiences (if you’re lucky). What I’ve learned from Politics Plus is that running two podcasts, having a day job, and trying to write a book all at the same time is impossible – at least for me. I’ve also learned that while some people liked the idea of a separate interview podcast, a lot more people wanted me to keep the interviews as part of The Politics Guys so that they wouldn’t have to subscribe to yet another podcast. (Which, as someone who subscribes to a whole bunch of podcasts, I completely get.)

While this is it for Politics Plus, I’ll still be interviewing authors and leading thinkers on American politics, economics, history, and culture over at The Politics Guys. My interviews will be interspersed with listener question & comment episodes on the Wednesday edition of The Politics Guys.

Thanks for all your support – I’ll see you over at The Politics Guys!

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